[監督・脚本] 天川 彩 

[ナレーション] 高樹沙耶 
[表紙写真] 楠本弘児 
[特別協力] アルファクス   
[制作] オフィスTEN
[発売] 評言社


『Great Deities of Kumano』
Kumano ― A Sacred Land of Nature and Prayer
Direction: Aya Tenkawa 
Narration: Saya Takagi



Why are people enchanted by Kumano so greatly?


Kumano ― Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes of the Kii Mountain Range, were registered as a World Heritage Site in July 2004. What is the Kumano region, a land which has continued to fascinate us over such a long period of time; from the age of the gods, through the Heian and Kamakura Periods to the present, like? This DVD eloquently portrays “prayers” commonly shared by all people, by highlighting the origins of Kumano worship, such as the Kumano ancient road which has long been used by pilgrims, sacred sites of Kumano Sanzan, forests, rivers, rocks and waterfalls. It has been successfully completed as a visual gem which invites us to experience the profound world view of Kumano, through beautiful camera work and moving music, together with its outstanding navigation.

■モード選択 Mode Selection:
1・日本語ナレーション Narration in Japanese
2・日本語字幕 Subtitles in Japanese
3・英語字幕 Subtitles in English

■チャプター       Chapters:
1・プロローグ・熊野信仰 Prologue ― Kumano Worship
2・熊野三山の歴史    History of Kumano Sanzan
3・熊野古道を歩く    Walk on the Kumano Ancient Road
4・熊野・神話と祭り   Kumano Mythologies and Rituals/Festivals
5・自然と祈り      Nature and Prayers